Monday, April 29, 2013

Busy, as usual

I've finally managed to post on one of my other blogs another one of the letters I wrote to my mother from London back in 1968.  This one discusses the Double Bill we presented (Angelique and Dido and Aeneas) and the imminent Christmas holidays. 

I haven't had the time to type up more of the letters recently: there have been several things on the go. I've been working on the latest draft of the novel version of the musical I wrote, Grimhilda!, and getting some feedback from people about different chapters.  I'm learning the lines for another play, The Sunshine Boys, which I went straight into after finishing the play we did for our church's 150th anniversary.  And I'm working on various pieces of music: one of them is the accompaniment for Enesco's Legend, a piece written for Trumpet in C, but the soloist in this case will be playing a cornet.  It's a good piece, but has some sections that take quite a bit of working out in terms of time, with hemidemisemiquavers scattered about all over.   I'm also (slowly) writing another piano piece: it started off well, but has stuck one of those points that music sometimes does. 

Twice a week I've been going to a course run by English Language Partners; it's to learn how to tutor a person for whom English is a second language.  This is done in their own home, on a one to one basis.  I was supposed to be there this afternoon, but had a spell of ill-health yesterday afternoon/night, and so was still feeling rather under the weather when I got up this morning.  The last session is on Wednesday, so I'll need to be there for that.  It's been an interesting group: included amongst the participants have been two Muslim ladies, two women and a man with Chinese backgrounds, along with half a dozen or more Kiwis. 

And of course, my wife and I have been going for some long walks.

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