Thursday, May 12, 2011

A list of frazzlements

It's one of those days. I'm feeling the frazzlement of just too many things going on, and probably need to go and put my head down for a snooze.

1. I upgraded to Firefox 4 the other day (for the second time - previously I had reverted to the earlier version as 4 just seemed to muck up the add-ons). 4 is okay, but the designers have decided that things needed to be rehashed, and of course that just causes problems: you go to do something and it just isn't there any more...or it's hidden. Where's 'refresh' for instance? 'History' has gone into hiding in the one and only menu and doesn't let you go back a few web pages as you used to be able to.

Two of my add-ons had to be re-downloaded, and even now one of them is playing up occasionally.

I'll probably get used to Firefox 4 but there are times when you just wish designers would leave things alone and let the users ask for changes instead of assuming that they need them.

2. Have you ever decided you need a document management system? And then wished you'd left well alone, and gone back to your old system of 'just knowing something is there on the desk?' I think I work to a kind of visual memory in terms of documents; as long as everyone leaves everything alone in my work spaces, I'll find the thing. But of course they don't, and I don't. You move something to find something else and that brings chaos to the whole arrangement.

As soon as there's a major overhaul of the document 'area' - whether that's around the computer desk, or on top of the piano, or on one of the shelves...everything is lost. It takes a ground zero approach to get it back on track again.

3. We've been using an online calorie counting thingee for the last couple of months - it shows up items of food according to the number of calories involved. Except that it's not just that simple, and the people entering the info on the database sometimes put in measurements in the most peculiar way. For instance, looking up 'boiled fruit cake' today the measurement was '8 th.' Someone on the forum suggested this might mean an eighth of the whole - except there's no measurement of the 'whole.' And it can't mean an eighth, since there's also a listing for '1 th.' A 'oneth?' There's also 'one container - 64 ths each'. What?

4. We went aquajogging for the first time in a while this morning. Which may account for my feeling a little fretful when we tried to order some seats online for JetStar, who have just announced that they're going to be flying out of Dunedin again, and were offering $5 seats. We actually managed to book the seats, but when it came to paying for them the system crashed and there's been no news since. So I guess we've missed out on those cheapies. Oh, well, we'll just have to wait for another special.

5. Did I mention that the trampoline blew over in this morning's gale, landed up on the raised gardens, bending one of its poles in the process, and in general looking very sorry for itself. No? Well, now I have. See the photo on the right for a general impression of the damage.

6. Think it's time for that snooze....

PS - Did I mention that my Google Reader has 170 posts in it...? Think I'll just go through and delete the lot and start from scratch tomorrow...
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