Thursday, May 12, 2011

Firefox pushes the (Red) Envelope

Okay, so I should have known, of course, that Firefox wouldn't have pushed the envelope and dumped stuff that was useful. They've just shifted it around, so you have to visit their site to find what they've done with it, and visiting their site means you see more of what they've added and you say 'this is way cool' (well, I don't say that, because it's not something I say).

Anyway, (in relation to my grizzles in the last post) to get 'history' you just press control H, and a nice long list (a very long list, as it happens, in my case) comes up on the left, and you can put it in alphabetical order (its default, I think) or date order or site order or most visited...

As for the 'refresh' button - of course, it's still there. Did I think Firefox would dare to remove it? It's now at the right hand end of the address bar; same little old half-circle with an arrow. (In fact that's the same logo Zotero uses on its program for its sync button, except theirs is thicker and green.) Press it, and it refreshes the page, which is useful in the ongoing conversation I'm having with my son's American girlfriend in regard to the wind (here and there in the States); when the page is loading it turns into a cross.

There now, don't say Firefox doesn't love you.

I also picked up a page of keyboard shortcuts - some of which I'll learn, because I always prefer to use the keyboard rather than the mouse where possible.

And now to something completely different. The Red Envelope (or RedEnvelope if you want to say it really fast). Nothing to do with 'pushing the envelope.' Red Envelope is a place for unique and personalized gifts, seemingly, though not in my part of the world. However, they suggest you check them out on Facebook, and there I discovered that there's not only a page for RedEnvelope the shop (which seems to be its preferred mode of being written) but also a Red Envelope Day: “This envelope represents one child who died in abortion. It is empty because that life was unable to offer anything to the world. Responsibility begins with conception.” [I can't link to these because not everyone has Facebook.]

The gift shop and the pro-life campaign aren't connected; nevertheless, the
Red Envelope Campaign has quite an intriguing story on its own, which I may comment on at some point.

Back to the gift shop: Father's Day in the States is just around the corner (early June) and so RedEnvelope is showing a number of items on its website that fathers might like as a gift. The beer holster is quite cool, but not much good to me, as the last decent beer I had was in a s
mall country pub in the UK about forty years ago. I quite liked the idea of the signs in the picture - not sure where I'd hang one of them, or whether it would have any real impact on other members of the family. Still, one can always try.

The car trunk organiser looks quite a bit of fun, but see my previous post in regard to organisation, maybe. I don't really see me wearing a tungsten & ceramic bracelet, but you never know - I bought some quite colourful sox the other day, so maybe things are changing. There's a cuff link display case. However it looks rather too small for the number of cuff links I've got around the place. There are also pyjamas that have your name embossed on them. Is that in case the bloke loses them, or someone else mistakes his pyjamas for hers? Perhaps not.

Well, Father's Day in NZ is a bit of a fizzer as far as I'm concerned (I usually manage to get a card or three from the kids) but tomorrow is my birthday....thought I'd just throw that in.
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