Friday, May 20, 2011

Sport overwhelms the Arts

Okay, can anyone tell me why the Otago Daily Times - and no doubt they're not the only paper like this in the country - allows room for three or four pages of sport news every day, and now puts out a new supplement on Fridays, which consists entirely of sport, and takes up another 16 pages!

Can anyone tell me why a quarter of the television 'news' each night consists of sport - and why there are often other sport-focused items in the rest of the news as well? Does sport get no other time/space on television? Nope, it takes over Saturdays to a great extent, and, if there's a really important game on, or the Olympics, or the Commonwealth Games, or the Rugby World Cup, it will get full time on these occasions as well. And all this without mentioning Sky Sport, which goes on day and night into eternity.

This would be fine if sport was the only recreation human beings indulged in, but it ain't!

My rant (which isn't by any means a new one) was boosted again by the fact that the play I'm currently in [Shadowlands] received no review in the ODT. The photo of the cast that the ODT's own photographer came out to take was bundled off into a little corner in the once-weekly Arts section (all two pages of it compared to the more than thirty or so pages sports gets each week) - and was so small no one could be distinguished in it. And the 'report' in the Star midweek paper was nothing but text. Again the photo that had been taken specially failed to appear.

It's enough to make me go out and punch someone, but then I'd probably wind up requiring a Medical Injury Lawyer and I can't afford that at the moment, not now that I'm a retired person (have I mentioned that previously? I have?)

And if you think I'm being aggressive, check out this video of the writer Harlen Ellison going full bore complaining about the way writers are regarded as not needing to be paid for their fact, what he's saying applies to all artists.

All we ask for is a little acknowledgement...


Scotty said...

Sport pays the bills for television networks. They get paid big bucks from media moguls and people pay money to watch it. People are often brought up watching and listening to it from a young age and it is a healthy pursuit as an recreational activity goes. Wellington is more well rounded, which is one of the things I miss about down south.

There is nothing else to do, so people go and watch the game for entertainment.

Scotty said...

Also there is heaps of money in sports betting, online gaming etc. One UK betting company pays me to have a link on my blog, so I am happy. It is entertainment.

Mike Crowl said...

It's entertainment, but there's no 'art' in it, Scotty! :)