Sunday, May 15, 2011

Clearing the backlog

It's nearly 10.30 pm, and I'm just going through my Google Reader and clearing the backlog of some 214 posts that have accumulated....many of which I'd like to read, but life is just too short. When I worked full-time, it was actually part of my job to read these blog posts day by day and keep up...but since I retired, curiously, I don't have the time!

Or maybe, rather it's that I don't give it the time I was able to give it at work. Plus I have actually been quite busy over the last several weeks since I finished work on several other things. Including stuff like working with my wife yesterday at chopping back the holly hedge. A mammoth task that always takes far longer than we expect. And getting rid of the holly branches is another big job, whether we chop them up into small manageable pieces, or lump them all into the back of a trailer and take them to the tip.

We thought about pulling out the hedge a while back, and our neighbour was quite happy with this idea, hasn't happened. That's another mammoth task, and we don't have a mammoth to call on.

Anyway, much and all as part of me rebels at clearing a backlog of blog posts, another part of me says I'll never miss what I don't know about. Except that as I'm clearing them I see all sorts of interesting things racing by...
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