Saturday, June 10, 2017

On Sharia Law in the US

Shireen Qudosi
I don't normally include material relating to Islam and ISIS on here, but this series of sixteen tweets from Shireen Qudosi, a tweeter I follow, needs to be more accessible. (It's difficult following sixteen tweets in a row on Twitter: other tweets interrupt the flow!).

The series started as a result of this tweet from Isaac Cohen @IHWCo on the activist, Linda Sarsour.
Ms.@lsarsour claims having anti-Sharia bills or laws that forbid it from being made as US laws, prevents Muslims from practicing their faith

1. Anti-sharia bills look at sharia as it is practiced today, which isn't even original Islam. So anti-sharia bills are rightfully...
2. ...tackling an innovation in Islam. In original Islam, sharia was meant to be a pathway. It was never meant to be the Matrix.
3. Basically over course of 1400 years, bunch of Islamic philosophers sat around & talked about Islam. Their ideas got added onto the faith.
4. Since their ideas are codified into faith, sharia went from being, let's say, different currents in the ocean you could use to...
5. ...this rigid draconian anti-feminist legal system that is a thought-tentacle controlled by people who act like minions of God.
6. So if someone wants to propose an anti-Sharia bill, go for it. You're doing original Islam a favor.
7. Muslims will still be Muslims because being a Muslims is a simple thing. Sharia is not simple. Sharia today is in violation of Islam...
8. And sharia today is in violation of U.S. Constitution which should never be undermined, supplemented or run parallel to another system.
9. Truth is, no society can function with two separate codes of law. One law for all. American law based on American values. Because...
10. We don't compromise or negotiate the United States Constitution. Don't like it? There are 194 other countries to choose from.
11. Allowing Sharia to gain any ground in the U.S. is the day we give up on America. It's VITAL Americans understand how Islamism works.
12. Every single disgusting supremacist action allowed under Islam as it developed through scholarship and mutation of the faith....
13. permissible in a nation that follows Muslim law. A Muslim nation. Sharia is a huge HUGE win in that fight. So ask yourself...
14. What comes next? Because all this Islamist talk of "America" is not about America as you and I see it. It's about....
15. ...whatever America looks like, today is one thing. Tomorrow through Islamism isn't another form of America. Their America.

16. And that is why we need to fight people like Linda Sarsour and every single thing she stands for. No negotiation. No compromise.

The same information could easily apply to the UK. 

Linda Sarsour

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