Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Insatiable Moon

A number of years ago, a Baptist minister by the name of Mike Riddell wrote a novel called The Insatiable Moon. It had a rather full-scale sex scene in it, the sort of thing that could trouble certain hearts - and did. (In fact, the scene is comparatively mild by some standards.) The end result was that Mike resigned from his Baptist ministry, and went onto write several other books and at least one play.
I used to meet Mike in my bookshop, and got to know him a little. He's a great fellow, affable, with a lovely sense of humour. I read almost all his books, I think, including The Insatiable Moon, and I enjoy his writing.
Before he left Dunedin he was already talking about making a movie out of his most well-known novel, and below you'll find a kind of pre-production promo. At this point it looks as though the script might be done, the director's in place, the main character is cast, and there's some sort of production team. Beyond that, I don't know how much more is on the way.

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