Friday, May 23, 2008

Richard Dawkins in a swimsuit

I've been coming across a bunch of references to Richard Dawkins on the Net lately, including several videos on You Tube. In some of them he makes an ass of himself; in others he certainly shows his intelligence, but still seems to miss the point of much of what other people are trying to say. In one he makes a surprisingly crude joke, which has some bloke standing off to the side of the conference table rocking with laughter. This bloke seems to be wandering around in a rather ad hoc manner, so don't ask me what he's actually doing there.
In another video he's apparently stumped by a question asked by a girl off-screen. Seems that it may be a hoax, but it certainly makes Dawkins behave really oddly!
In fact, there are so many Dawkins videos around just now, that you rather wonder if he isn't the man of the hour; some are from tv interviews, some from discussion panels, one from a documentary in which he interviews a very aggressive white Muslim and is then puzzled by the bloke's reaction (!), one is a very odd thing that ends up with Dawkins blowing himself and the lecture room up after 'proving' that he won't. I don't quite get the point of this, as it seems to shoot itself in the foot somehow!
All we need now is Dawkins in a swimsuit, I guess, and we'll just about have run the gamut.

He's such a nice man; yes, he really is - he really, really is! Just look at that smile....
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