Friday, May 23, 2008

A promotion!

I mentioned a play I was doing a few posts back, and that I was giving some of the girls extra coaching as the director wasn’t. The director is a great lady, but she’s been a bit distracted during these rehearsals: her father’s very unwell, her son’s wife has just had a baby, and she’s also working towards yet another production (!)
In the end I offered to assist in the direction of the scenes she’s in (she’s acting as well as directing) and she was very happy for me to do so (she has no ego, this lady!). Before I knew it I had become assistant director and am now virtually directing the play in its entirety. That’s fine, although I’m not good on the technical side of things: lighting, music, etc. However, we’re managing, and the play’s starting to take some shape at last.
I have about twenty lines in the play: half of them in one short scene, and the rest scattered over other bits. The two young leads have a lot more lines between them, but even their scenes are very piecemeal, in that they appear and state something and disappear, or else have what seem to be several ‘scenes’ squashed together without any obvious breaks. It’s an odd play, and not one that any of us would be keen to tackle again, I suspect (although at least we’d know the pitfalls second time around!)

The photo is of James Still, the author of the play.
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