Sunday, July 20, 2008

What links to what

I don’t often check out the Digxa Mini Stores links that show up on my posts but I’d no sooner published the last post when three appeared on it. Curiously the third only turns up when you click on the particular post and separate it from the rest of the page.

Anyway, linked to the phrase Love Vacuum Cleaners is an eBay ad for 10 genuine vacuum cleaner bags Numatic Henry George. I had no idea what Numatic Henry George is, but it turns out that the Numatic Henry is a kind of vacuum cleaner, so cute that he couldn’t help but turn all your negative feelings towards vacuum cleaners upside down. The George bit of the name seems to be another member of the same family. (There's a picture of one of the family at the side.)

The second link appears on ‘Hate Humans Association’ and leads to a book called From Hate Crimes to Human Rights. I hope it isn’t also going to get me comments from people who hate other people. Ouch.

The third link came up in relation to the phrase: having your innards emptied regularly. And was for Nurofen Tension Headache Caplet! I seriously doubt that Nurofen Tension Headache Caplets would really do much for you after you’d had your innards emptied, but I guess they’d be better than nothing.

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