Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Just about there for the Dawn Treader

Well, we’ve now had two Narnia dress rehearsals, and virtually ironed out all the problems. The long Sunday rehearsal helped in this regard, but there are still a few issues. Shifting the poop deck is often a bit of a pain: like any heavy object it takes a bit of getting started, but glides smoothly once it’s going. And getting it in the right spot is another difficulty. However, that’s coming right.
And some of the scenes in front of the front tab are just a fraction too short for the backstage people to set up for the next scene. However, even that’s coming together. Hopefully by this tomorrow I’ll be able to say that it’s all gone smoothly. We play in front of one of our few school audiences tomorrow, and I imagine they’ll be very forgiving!
It’s interesting, now that we’ve been inside the play for so long, that it’s very hard to gauge how it’s really going to go across to an audience. But that’s often the case with this stage of a production. And it’s easy to lose confidence. Hopefully the first audience will restore things in this regard.
I had my makeup on again tonight. It’s a fair facial covering: grey undercoat with stipple on top, plus lots of detail. Took about half an hour to get it on tonight, but hopefully the artist will have it a bit more sussed tomorrow.
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