Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bedding on the Beach

I was reading an article in the Harvard Business site yesterday where the writer listed the top ten business buzz words that need to be dumped, because of occupational overuse, or because they just plain lack punch, or because they're saying in three words what can be said in one. Unfortunately, just at the moment I can't find the article to link to it, but I noticed that one of these words, 'value,' is used in an ad for the Karisma Hotels in Mexico: There are packages that add value.

What does 'value' mean in the sentence? Surely we'd expect value from a package we've paid a considerable sum for? Otherwise, why would we spend our hard-earned cash?

Be that as it may, these hotels sound like a lot of fun, especially for destination weddings, (another phrase that seems a bit full of mysterious meaning which I can't quite pin down!). Each couple has their own personal Beach Butler (as opposed to a personal beach buggy), who serves you all manner of sophisticated drinks on your own private bit of beach outside your own private suite. All very Hollywood and glamorous, it seems to me. I particularly liked this line in the advertising: Beach-beds with retractable white gauze curtains for intimate moments line the oceanfront. I have no idea what a beach-bed is, and I'm not sure that gauze curtains would hide the intimate moments too well, but what the heck: maybe it's only the turtles that'll be looking on...
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