Thursday, January 07, 2010

Schizophrenia and Sibelius

Occasionally someone sends me a request to include something in my blog, and usually I'll reply in the affirmative, since people help me and I like to help them.

Of course, I check first that it isn't spam. However, most spam goes down the spam tube at, so if it is there's a distinct possibility I'll never see it in the first place.

Today I received an email from Suzane (yup, that's the spelling) Smith. She told me that she was wanting to promote an article called 10 Myths about Schizophrenia, which appears on her blog. The site is on is actually called X-Ray Technician Schools which a blog itself, but has a section called Articles, which is where you'll find Suzane's piece, but a number of other similarly well-written posts on a variety of health-related topics. This part of the sight is called X-Ray Vision-aries, and they explain it thus:

WHAT IS X-RAY VISION-ARIES? X-Ray Vision-aries is a blog designed with non-health nuts in mind and written by a group of guys and gals who are excited about self-improvement through diet, exercise, and overall health improvement. In our blog we deliver what we hope are enthralling and at times even educational articles about health, welfare and better living. We try to bring you a forward looking vision of health and health care in a light-hearted manner that makes learning about and improving one’s health and life accessible to everyone. Enjoy!

The post/articles vary in subject matter quite extensively, which makes them worth checking out. Regrettably I'm just off to play Settlers of Catan with my wife and daughter, so I'll have to check them out tomorrow! (Today I've been busy re-scoring the Brass Band suite I wrote back in 2008, which I played through - on Sibelius - with a friend of mine from the brass band days. He's a lecturer in composition at the Varsity, so is well up with what works and what doesn't, and in his opinion the pieces work. They needed a bit of re-scoring because I'd missed including a couple of instrumental lines in my original versions. Bit fiddly, but satisfying!)
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