Friday, January 22, 2010

Put on a happy face...?

There's a website called on which they discuss, obviously, the best face creams. These are the ones that they have researched and tested for superiority, as well as those coming up tops in surveys.

There's one thing I can see about their top three choices that kind of disturbs me: the price. The cheapest (the one that came second) is $US99.99 (which on today's rate works out at $NZ139.85 - pretty good exchange rate at the moment!). The third in the list is the most expensive, at $US230 (or $207 in some places online). That one works out to at least $320 in New Zealand dollars. Crikey.

Admittedly the site also quibbles about the price - as they might! My further quibble is about the 'scientific' language used in reviewing these creams. Yup, there might antioxidants available in them, but are face creams really into nanotechnology? Apparently they are, though there are some considerable concerns about the use of this in something that's going to be applied to your skin.

When I look up neuropeptides on the Net, I find plenty of links to them being used in face creams - although they also appear to be something the body naturally produces. But the links generally hive off to sites that are promoting face creams and the like. Not necessarily the most reliable of sources...

On a less serious side, I had a look on to see if I could find a photo of someone using face cream. What I found instead was a host of pictures of people with cream on their faces, mostly children, sometimes adults - as in this photo by Bjorn Hardarson. It reminds me of the time a friend of ours was goading my wife at a church party - he wound up with a cream cake all over his beard...
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