Friday, January 08, 2010

Where are the gift cards?

As some readers will know, and others will have guessed, some of the posts in this blog have links to specific shops or companies. I prefer not to make these posts like pieces of 'hard sale' - instead the link will be part of a wider (usually) related topic.

Sometimes however I prefer to be just plain up front about what I'm linking to - it saves having to use my imagination...

For instance, there's an online 'shop' in the UK Though it appears on the surface to be a department store, it's actually a conglomeration of shops that advertise through the basic portal at this URL. In other words you can buy a heap of things through this site, but you may actually be buying from several different places scattered around the British Isles. Quite a good concept.

I've twice been asked to talk about, specifically in relation to their wide range of gift cards. However, the only problem is that I can't for the life of me see where you buy gift cards on this site. I've put it in their search engine, and all sorts of things come up. Certainly some of these results are gift cards, but you'd think there'd be an easier way of finding them.

There is a link in the top menu to 'gifts' but gift cards don't appear there either.

So....I'm writing about this, but I can't be more helpful than this. Maybe will drop me a note and tell me what I should be doing to find 'gift cards.' I'd appreciate it. [PS - a few days later: Ah, now they have let me know where the gift cards can be found. It's here!]

I've also been asked to include the logo above. Not sure why, as this blog isn't sponsored by Ah, well, an interesting experience all round!
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