Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Academy Award Winning Movie Trailer - parody

You Tube and other sites becoming the playground of hundreds of superb filmmakers, people who love movies and can take them off, or provide short, snappy stories, and much more.

The one below is a parody trailer of all those movie dramas/thrillers you've ever seen, well-put together and looking as though there's some real money behind it, but actually made by a couple of film-school graduates in Atlanta.

It runs the gamut of nice hero about to get involved in things over his head, older woman character (actress who's been out of work for a while and has been trying out the latest cocoa butter stretch marks creams to improve her figure), heroine who does a lot of running away from things in the later part of the movie, oddball character who may or may not be autistic, and sundry other bodies randomly slotted in just to arouse the audience's interest. But there's much more slipped into place as well. Worth repeated viewings.
To see it in it's proper wide format, double click on the video to go to the You Tube Version.

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