Monday, August 16, 2010


Back on the 30th January I wrote the following in my journal:
Today we went out to get some seaweed from Brighton beach, and that was fine, except that after we’d collected four bags, I went ahead dragging two, hoisted them over the little chain fence between the path and the car, stepped over it and next minute found myself in a heap on the ground, both legs skinned in different places, and the left side of my chest very sore. I wondered at first if I might have cracked a rib, but it’s probably not as serious as that. However, even though we’ve been doing some gardening on this arvo, my chest is still not comfortable.
I’m not sure what caused the fall; can only conclude that I caught my foot on the chain when I thought I was actually over it.
I posted a similar thing on Facebook at the time and got all the sorts of comments you'd expect...only one of them was in the least bit sympathetic.  (I thought I'd posted it on here and was a bit surprised not to be able to find the post yesterday.)  I'm still not sure how it's possible to throw yourself over a tiny little fence, but having done it I can only conclude that it is.
Anyway, having recovered (some time ago) from that painful fall, I went and damaged the same rib(s) on Friday night (!)   
A remote had dropped down the back of one of the couches; my wife was trying to reach it, and I said, 'I'll get it!'   I lent over the back, couldn't quite get it, went to lean over further, slipped, and gave my rib a thump on the wooden top of couch.  I couldn't believe I managed to hit the same spot again.  
It isn't as bad as the last time - plus there are no skinned shins - but it was still rather uncomfortable walking down the hill to work this morning.

Photo of Brighton Beach by Dino Borelli
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