Thursday, August 18, 2011

Concerts & Grimhilda

Must be the season for concerts. This Saturday I'm playing for a couple of singers at Claire Barton's Farewell Concert in the Town Hall. Probably the last time I played on that stage would have been when Claire was in Opera Alive, the young singers' group that I accompanied for about seven years.

The last time I sang there, on the other hand, was about a fortnight ago, when Sunny Side Up performed some numbers at the RSA choir concert. And a few days after that we had the Heavenly Choirs concert in Knox Church.

The weekend after this one, I'm playing for a bunch of singers at St Peter's Church in Hillside Rd; this time it's a fundraiser for a little girl called Daryl Ann. And then beyond that there are several more concerts, major and minor, over the period leading up to Christmas. Anyone would think I was retired and had nothing else to do.

But talking of other things to do, this afternoon, I got together with the person who collaborated on the script of Grimhilda! to nut out things like finding funding and thinking about auditions and rehearsal rooms and contacting a variety of people about this, that and the next, and looking at a budget and...well, suffice to say that after three hours we were both exhausted with it all.

It would help if people would ring you back straight away when you miss them on the first call, instead of having to ring them again...and again...or email them and still not get an answer to something that is probably quite straightforward. But becomes a thing you have to remember to do again when you miss them the first time around.

Incidentally, in the concert I'm playing at on the 27th, I'm presenting a selection of music from Grimhilda! - her first public airing. Should be interesting...(so be there!)

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