Friday, August 19, 2011

Men Briefly Explained

Would you guess from the following blurb on Amazon what kind of a book this was?

Men Briefly Explained explores all aspects of contemporary manhood, the humourous [sic] and not so humourous [sic-ker], where men are in relation to women and to society in general. Thought provoking, impertinent, irreverent, witty, startling, this collection will have you mesmerised from start to finish.

Well, if you didn't guess, or didn't already know, it's a book of poetry, by Tim Jones, the New Zealand poet, but at first I thought it was something else, like perhaps a sociological (but humourous - sic-kest] overview of men and their way of life. Perhaps Amazon is a little wary of promoting.....poetry.

Anyway, I bought it via Kindle this afternoon, and had a first draft read (as you might call it). Lots of great stuff in there (can I say that about a book of poems?), thought-provoking, emotional, with reminders of the way things were - and the usual tongue-in-cheek pairing of real people in the wrong places (Baxter and Curnow, the two highly-regarded NZ poets, turning up as lead singers of 60s rock band).

Name-dropping slot. Tim and I have had occasional correspondence on the Net, and (sometimes) read each other's blogs. We've even met face to face (it still happens in the real world), when I went to a Sunny Side Up rehearsal about a month or more ago and found he was there with a relative or friend (can't remember which).

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