Friday, December 21, 2012

Nampa and Tampa and Blogdash

I always mix Tampa up with Nampa.  Nampa is a place I actually know - marginally, because I've been there.  Tampa is a place I only know by name.   Tampa is in Florida, and Nampa is in Idaho.  Difficult to mix them up really.  So if I was ordering a Tampa limo I'd need to be careful to say Tampa and not Nampa, since they're some 2000 miles apart, and have a two hours time difference (tricky if you're planning the limo for a party).

I checked out a site called blogdash the other day, and ever since then I've been getting regular emails telling me I haven't verified my account.  So I'm verifying it, and hopefully that will stop them nagging me.  I don't want to be nagged, Blogdash.  If I want to do something with you, I will.  You don't have to bug me every day!

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