Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Foggy and Old

The ULV fogger or ultra-low-wattage fogger is a useful little device if you have problems with mosquitoes or insects in your house.  (I've only just realised that the plural of mosquito, in English, is the same as the plural of potato, that is, it adds an extra 'e.'). I'm assuming that the fogger spreads a bit of a haze around, one that will include some pesticide, and the insects will come to a sticky end. 

However, I'm not sure that I'd want to be in the same room as the fogger.  What would it do to the human mind? I have enough problems with fogging as it is, without adding a fogger to assist with the job. 

Which brings me to my other topic, the International Day of Older People. (That's a bit of a mouthful, isn't it?)  It's supposed to be the day when we raise awareness of older people's needs, and show our concern for them.  I'm not sure, however, what constitutes an older person under this heading. Do have to be old or just feel old?  I don't actually feel old, even though by some people's lights I am old. (My grandchildren, for instance.) Do you have to not only be old but feel old as well?  I'm sure there are plenty of people in that category, but I haven't entered it yet. We have a group at our church for the older people which we resolutely refuse to join. And the thought of going into an old people's home as a resident fills me with horror.  I've seen too many people who were coping - for the most part - in their own home who've gone into a 'rest' home, and they've gone downhill very fast. It's something to do with the general atmosphere, I think. The fogginess provided by collective old age.  If you're old, my suggestion is to stay around young people.  They keep you alive much more readily...
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