Thursday, October 17, 2013

Storage space

Having stayed in three different houses over the last couple of months, plus our own, you get to notice how kitchens are laid out. Why kitchens?  Because these are the rooms that are most likely to need a lot of storage space, and yet have less space available for it. A kitchen has to be massive and full of the sort of storage equipment available at before it can comfortably accommodate all those large and small items that regularly make their homes there.

Our kitchen is bigger than it used to be, but it still gets into a jumble at times as things wind up in places they shouldn't have gone. And like everyone else, no doubt, we've made decisions as to where to put things, and now have to live with those decisions...unless we're prepared to undo the whole caboodle and try alternatives. 

I had an uncle once who insisted - almost from the day I first met him (when I was a very young man) - that the motto should be, a place for everything and everything in its place.  This worked fine as long as people knew the place where everything went and put the things back. But laziness can creep into kitchens unless you're very disciplined, and certain cupboards and drawers in our kitchen work along the lines of a place for everything if something else hasn't got there first; in which case squeeze them both in, by force, if necessary. As mottoes go, it isn't the most succinct, but it's workable.

Thanks to the Embracing Our Inner Web blog for the photo.

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