Saturday, November 08, 2008

Diet pills

The only time I come across a crowd called is in relation to diet pills. You’d think with a name like that they’d be more general in their interest – or perhaps would be giving more focus to the consumer than the diet pill. But their subtitle is Source of Unbiased Diet Pill Reviews for Consumers!
Notice the exclamation mark.
Currently you’ll find they’re ‘reviewing’ Relacore. Interestingly enough, they actually don’t give it a rave review. I don’t know whether there are other Relacore reviews on the Net – I haven’t looked because diet pills don’t greatly excite me as a subject – but I suspect, if there are, they’re a little more positive than this!
Actually, having said that, I thought I’d check a little further, and in doing so find another site with a very similar name to plainly reviewing diet pills is big business (though not necessarily for the makers of the pills in question).
The scariest thing is just how many weight loss pills there are out there. The first of these two sites lists dozens. And the scarier thing is that none of them really seem to work. At least not for long. As soon as people go back to normal eating, the pills might as well not have done anything.
In the end these things may have a use in bringing weight down far enough to get the person back on their feet in terms of exercise and healthier eating. It’s the discipline required to go beyond that that’s the measure.
One of the scariest things I’ve seen on TV recently – sorry to keep using the word ‘scary’ – was in yet another one of the endless round of obesity programmes we’re being inflicted with. A grandfather had his stomach stapled, after he and his family had spent years eating junk food. He was pretty much at death’s door, couldn’t get himself around, and was in a vile state.
The scary thing was that when he got home, his family – teenagers and older kids – were all still eating junk food, and one of the teenage mothers was giving her baby pure unadulterated junk food.

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