Sunday, December 28, 2008

The baby grand

I've now paid for Broadwood baby grand number 263124, (a five-footer) which, according to the numbering system, means it was made in 1960 sometime. It'll be delivered on Tuesday morning., and hopefully we won't have nearly as much trouble getting this fellow in the house as we had with the previous fellow.
We've shifted things around in our lounge, to accommodate the new inmate, but I doubt if we've struck the right arrangement yet. Still, as long as we get it in the room, we can work from there.
This 'new' piano is nearly 50 years old; the old one was closer to ninety.
It'll be interesting to see how it sounds in a different environment. The room it's been in is quite bright, acoustically (good for teaching music in), but our lounge is fairly quiet by comparison, having more soft furnishings and carpet. (Not that you'd have necessarily noticed when I was playing on the previous piano, which had plenty of life in its sound.)
Roll on Tuesday.

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