Sunday, December 21, 2008


Well, I won’t be getting to my target of a thousand posts by the end of the year at this rate! Due to the fun I’ve been having as an aftermath of my recent prostate biopsy, things like blogging have taken a bit of a back seat. Even though I’ve recovered from the infection I got after the biopsy, I’m still feeling as though I tire more easily than usual. Maybe just the underlying tension of the whole business, and what the next couple of months hold. Maybe just end of the year weariness. Maybe I’m sick of blogging! (That such things could be – or could even be suggested!)
Anyway, I’m pleased to report that today I finished yet another piano piece – that makes five for this year (along with all the other composing I’ve been doing). This one swung along without great effort on my part. I woke up one morning well over a month ago with a tune in my head, went and scribbled it down (all two bars of it) and then decided it wasn’t that exciting, and left it.
Over the last few days I’ve come back to it, and the two bars have expanded into seven pages of a Tarantella-type piece. It’s currently called A Cowboy Learns the Tarantella, because there’s a slow melody in the middle of it with a running bass that’s reminiscent of cowboy film music. But I don’t think I’ll stick to that title. Seems a bit twee, really.
The downside – if that’s what it is, really – is that once again I’ve written something that I’ll have to actually practice in order to play it properly. Can’t seem to write something straightforward enough to just play!
Apropos of nothing at all above, doesn’t the ‘fatburner’ called Anoretix seem rather inappropriately named? For me, it’s too close to the word ‘anorexic.’ Maybe this is intentional. Maybe it’s some marketing person not really thinking through the issues involved, as some marketing person didn’t think through the naming of Anusol.
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