Sunday, December 28, 2008

With the new piano coming, there's a new piano stool coming as well. In fact, it's already here, as we picked it up when we paid for the piano today.
That meant clearing out the old piano stool of its accumulated stuff. I was going to say rubbish, but that would be unfair to a great deal of the stuff I sifted through this afternoon.
Stuff like: the judge's notes for two of my kids when they were doing singing competitions (and the little gold medal one of them received). Or the magazine containing one of my published articles - on men's liberation.
Or the pocket score of containing three of Mozart's string quartets. Or pages and pages of music, mostly photocopied. Yes, I'm sure that's illegal, but many of these songs are no longer in print, and how else is the pianist expected to play the accompaniments if he doesn't have a copy?
Or notes on when I was working as manager of the bookstore; these included goals, strengths, weaknesses, competition, progress and so on. All printed out on an old dot matrix printer.
Or various books for teaching children the piano. Some of these must go way back, as I haven't taught the piano since the seventies. And some clarinet music, and some brass band solo music, which somehow has wound up left in my care.
All I've done so far is sort it into rough groups (and tossed some, of course). The real sorting out will have to take place on a rainy day when I'm in the mood. Today's been one of the hottest days of the year....

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