Thursday, June 11, 2009

David Bain Again

We're never going to get to the end of the Bain saga: book rights, movie rights, and now 'suppressed evidence,' supposedly a confession heard on the recording made of David's call to 111 on the morning of the murders. The words have been regarded as indecipherable until now by a number of experts, but some detective has claimed that David says something like 'I shot the prick.'
And then there's stuff about David supposedly having said he'd use his paper round to rape a female jogger. Was this in any way related to the murders? Hardly, the conversation took place, if it took place at all, when he was still at school.
No wonder this stuff was all suppressed. All the Bain-haters have come out of the woodwork with the usual lack of ability to present anything further than a load of hearsay, and are making their presence felt in the comments on blogs everywhere.
Like it or not, the guy has been declared Not Guilty. Just as he had to endure the prison sentence on the basis of the first trial, so Joe Public has to bear the consequences of the Not Guilty verdict in this second trial.
Time to give it all a rest, people.
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