Monday, June 22, 2009

Huffington Post on blogging

Just a brief note about the phrase, "blogging is the first draft of history," which in one quarter I've come across, at least, has been attributed to the Nobel Prize Committee, as a reason for turning down blogs for a Nobel Prize.

However, look for this on Google, and I don't think you'll find it. You may find this video of Jon Stewart interviewing Arianna Huffington, of the Huffington Post, in which she says, "blogging is the first draft of history."

It would be interesting to know whether she's quoting the Nobel Prize Committee, of course!

She also says blogging is a 'lot more fun than sex', but Stewart raises his eyebrows at that one.

The interview was in relation to the Huffington Post Complete Guide to Blogging, to which Arianna contributed an introduction.

Incidentally, while checking out the Huffington Post website, I came across a report that the size of dinosaurs has been vastly overestimated. Why does this not surprise me? I'm waiting for the day when they finally admit dinosaurs never actually existed - at least not in the way in which scientific artists, or artistic scientists have claimed. Dinosaurs, I suspect, are the 20th century's version of dragons.
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