Monday, June 01, 2009

A different approach to Op-Ed pages

Some interesting comments from Umair Haque, writing in an article for the Havard Business Publishing page, entitled, Newspapers Don't Learn from their Mistakes.

Op-Ed pages are battlefields — and structuring anything, whether markets, networks, or Op-Ed pages as battlefields is as obsolete an idea as the Big Mac. Want to wage peace? Op-Ed pages (and, in fact, every page) should be more like truth and reconciliation commissions — alive with participation, debate, and deliberation, where writers manage the emergence of stories.

That's a radical departure from journalism 1.0. And it tells us: the great mistake newspapers — and most organizations — keep making is simple: they never learn from their mistakes.

Mostly, that's because they refuse to even perceive or acknowledge mistakes in the first place...
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