Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Losing It

I finally sat down last night to watch a TV play called Losing It that we videoed two or three months back. At the time it was shown, I was in the middle of my prostate problem period, and, as my wife said, I probably wouldn't have appreciated it much, since it concerns a fellow who loses a testicle to cancer.

Martin Clunes plays a 43-year-old advertising copy-writer, who would probably be coping normally - in spite of his tendency towards hypochondria, and in spite of his obnoxious young boss - but who struggles because of his health issues. (The testicle removal is followed by radiotherapy after the cancer is found in lymph glands.)

It's a good play, with an excellent cast, and ends on a fairly high note, all things considered. Clunes is good as always (as is only a couple of years older than the character he plays, even though he frequently looks older), and his wife (Holly Aird) is a sympathetic person who takes her husband seriously in spite of his hypochondria. Just as well she does.
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