Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Betty Boop on Boing Boing

I've heard of the blog, Boing Boing, before, but never really investigated it. It's certainly quirky, and seems to be full of odd things that you wouldn't find elsewhere.

I watched a video yesterday of a very early sound cartoon with Betty Boop as the 'star' - it's full of details and takes careful watching to see everything that's going on. Betty herself has a rather peculiar style of walking, and in this cartoon she meets up with the Old Man of the Mountain, who, in the comments, gets credited with being something to do with hashish. And yes, he also seems to have invented moonwalking decades before Michael Jackson came up with it.

I think the version below is the same as the one of Boing, Boing - if not, you can always click on this link
and catch up with the comments as well.

The video also stars Cab Calloway and his black (African-American) band, who sing some very odd stuff on the soundtrack.

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