Monday, August 03, 2009

That tribal stuff

I'm not entirely convinced by Seth Godin's theories on tribes, but obviously plenty of other (tribal) people are. However, I keep reading Seth's blog, because quite often he has something very good to say (and occasionally says something that makes you go, Duh?). Anyway, here's a short video on the tribes idea, which Seth pronounces to be very good in part because it uses motion graphics. He claims he won't read past the first page of a pdf any more; videos like this are the way of the future for him....

The video's by Paul Durbin, by the way. He obviously has some resources many of us who are still making pdfs don't have...!

However, it's interesting that the video leads to a pdf that's available here free. I wonder if it's a pdf that will make Mr Godin read past the first page - maybe, since the second page is written by him!
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