Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Natural Skin Care

I've decided to do some natural skin care, a euphemism for... going on a diet.

My concert is a month away, today, and on Sunday night my wife suggested that if I wanted to get into my suit then maybe I should lose a bit of weight before then. Helpfully, she and my younger son, who's living with us at present, are both doing it as well. We're doing a home-based version of Weight Watchers. My wife has all the booklets from previous stints with this company, so I'm afraid they're not getting any further income from us at this time.

The first day was agony. I had a carrot with me, chopped up into short slices, and must have eaten then constantly, particularly in the afternoon. I didn't just have a carrot, of course; my lunch was fine, and as good as anything I'd normally take - in fact probably a lot better, because for the first time in many years my wife made it for me.

I got to the end of the day and had run out of points, which was distressing.

However, the second day was quite different. It was as if my brain had reconciled itself to the fact that I was on a diet, and things were a lot calmer. I'd taken more carrot slices with me to supplement the lunch, but in fact hardly ate any of them. And today was better still.

So I might make it to the 12th of next month without totally fainting away from hunger.

PS I just checked my weight on my daughter's scales. Admittedly I've just eaten tea, so it's not a good time to weigh in, but I'm up to 13 stone, the heaviest I've ever been. When we were in England a couple of years ago, I was down below 12 stone after a time on Weight Watchers, but the two months at the beginning of this year, when I wasn't able to walk any distance comfortably (because of the catheter I was wearing due to prostate problems), really set me back, and I haven't managed to get the weight down since. And it's noticeable: only a couple of pairs of my trousers actually fit comfortably. Crikey!
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