Monday, February 01, 2010

Seth Godin on dealing with ideas

One blogger I read every day (mainly because he sends me a copy of his posts via email - much the best way to get read!) is Seth Godin. I may have mentioned him once or twice before in this blog(!)

Today he has three posts on the go, but the one that really appealed (mainly to my artist-struggling-to-market-his-product-type-person) was the one that starts in this way.

If you've got an idea worth spreading, I hope you'll consider this random assortment of rules. Like all rules, some are made to be broken, but still...

I won't include all the rules here, but here are some of my favourites.

  • Waiting for inspiration is another way of saying that you're stalling. You don't wait for inspiration, you command it to appear.
  • Don't poll your friends. It's your art, not an election.
  • The hard part is finishing, so enjoy the starting part.
  • Figure out how long your idea will take to spread, and multiply by 4.
  • Think big. Bigger than that.
  • Try not to confuse confidence with delusion.
  • Surround yourself with encouraging voices and incisive critics. It's okay if they're not the same people. Ignore both camps on occasion.
  • Be grateful.


ben said...

How funny, I've just started reading Seth's blog during this past week. He comes highly recommended by another blogger I follow (Merlin Mann). I listened to a discussion they had on the lizard brain, which is part of the topic of his new book 'linchpin'. If you buy it. I'd love to read it :)

Mike Crowl said...

Probably won't be buying it. Sorry! :)

Seth's full of ideas and lots of advice...some of it full on, some of it just advice, but he's pretty much an original, and that makes him interesting.

Unknown said...

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Mike Crowl said...

My pleasure.