Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Knife and utility

Sometimes, as you may have noted if you've read this blog before, I like to go through my clippings file (which of course is a file in the computer sense these days, kept on Evernote) and see what comes up when I try for a particular word or phrase - in this case: utility knife.

Well, the phrase on its own isn't there, but there are plenty of instances of either utility or knife.  Here are a couple of examples: 

"Amazon has quietly become 'a massive utility' that is either on the sending or receiving end of one percent of all the internet traffic in North America."   One percent!

And one related to knife: an Eve de Castro Robinson piece of music entitled: Knife Apple Sheer Brush.  It's a kind of flute riff-cum-improvisation on some words by Len Lye, the animator and creative artist.  You can hear it online at SOUNZ, the website for New Zealand music.   It's only just over five minutes long, and is played by Bridget Douglas.  Not sure who the words are spoken by. 

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