Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Snow Report

I knew, when I woke up, that it had snowed: that eerie white light that forms when it's snowed heavily was visible through the curtains.  The snow is heavy enough that even the paper boy hasn't made it this morning, which is quite something.

The dog has snuggled himself up on the bed, not keen to go outside again. However, the two Jack Russels next door (I call them Jack and Russel, even though they're both females) are skipping around in the snow. 

Facebook is full of photographs and comments - lots of people more enthusiastic about the snow than I am, though it's certainly left a wonderful beauty everywhere.  My grandson was downstairs first thing checking out whether I was going to go outside and throw snowballs.  I was noncommital.

The schools are all closed, of course, along with lots of roads. And most of our curtains are closed too, trying to keep the heat in.

Update: the dog has decided to go out, and is prancing around in the snow, giving it little woofs of approval.  Though I doubt that he'll be out there long.  Yup, can hear him hammering at the door already.  His report: My toes are cold. 

Update: We all went outside, including the dog (who went bonkers racing back and forth around the street), threw snowballs at each other - and some passers-by - and built a snowman.   Finally discovered the paper, wrapped in plastic, hidden underneath the snow.

And another update -the dog apparently in full flight (note the ears), and our snowman.

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