Thursday, May 30, 2013

Move along to the next blog, please

At the top of most Blogger blog pages you'll find a line where you can search your own blog, share you blog post with Google + or other social media sites, and then the curious box which says, Next Blog.  Click on this and your into a magic world of discovery.  It's a bit like Google's 'I'm feeling lucky' link - you never know where it will take you.  And it never goes to the same place twice.  Before I started writing this I picked up two Library sites, but they're now gone, and the first up is Alchemizade (take that, spellchecker!).  Alchemizade focuses on poetry by Rumi.  It makes intriguing reading.

Next in line,appropriately, is Line Art: Poetry in Review; this is run by someone called Jason Gray.  It seems to skip between quick posts about poetry readings in different places, to links to other poetry sites, to comments about particular poems.  I think poetry has finally found its true home online.  I have quite a reasonable number of poetry books - they take up about three shelves in one of my bookcases (and remember that many poetry books are very skinny).  I've had more, but cleaned a few of them out recently.  But I probably read more poetry online than I do in books these days....and I discover more poets that way.  The world is full of poets, even though it's not a subject taught in schools, or encouraged by parents, or funded by great aunts, or...

The next site up is Words in Place.  This one focuses on short story writing, and it's interesting to note their mention of flash fiction, something I've been doing quite of lately.   The next one is an art-focused blog, with the curious name of Post-NeoAbsurdist Anti-Collective.  It seems to take a similar approach to Line Art in its use of a blog.

A slight change of pace with the arrival of a blog called 'What? - music, movies, mayhem and more.'  The most recent post here apologises for not having put anything on the blog since 2010.  I'm going to quote most of the short post - it'll give you an idea of the writing style: I'm a couple years older. Couple years wiser. Quit my day job. Not because I hated it. But because I wanted to pursue my graduate degree full time. Moved away from my hometown. Went back to college (for grad school). Work two jobs. Volunteer when I can. Trying to get involved in my church. Meeting some of the most WONDERFUL people. Figuring out some of my life. Some of my career. Some things about men. Some things about God. Learning. (Trying to be) Caring. (Attempting towards) Sharing. (All the time) Growing.

Learning things about men and God.  Yup, two pretty difficult subjects!  LOL

And now it's nearly time for the evening meal, so cheerio from this little round-up.

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