Saturday, March 08, 2014

Making mugs of us all

In my last post I referred to some scammers trying to make mugs out of us with their late night nonsense. Mugs come in all shapes and sizes, of course, and these days have all kinds of things printed on them (not human mugs, I mean). Mugs with logos can be found here, and these days it's rare to find a mug that isn't printed on, with either some sloppy message, or a pussycat or a puppy, or with something rude, or something that says how wonderful the person drinking from the mug is, or what other people think about them and so on.

I was going to say that mugs like the plain ones in the picture below are rare, but in fact in my cupboard I have several plain white mugs. So maybe not everyone is bombarded with mugs designed to please or annoy or humour us.

The woman in the picture below seems to me to be drinking from an empty cup: either that or else she was just about to spill the last of her coffee all down her chin. Was she distracted by something on the horizon, or did the photographer say to her, look as though you're drinking something and she suddenly couldn't remember how you actually did that...especially when your cup was empty?

And why does she have her left arm slung behind her?  Perhaps her boyfriend was pulling her arm, saying, 'Hurry up and finish your coffee before we both get unfashionable sunburn.'  Perhaps she was leaning on a rock and suddenly felt something squidgy and wet, and crawling, under her hand, which is why she's frowning, rather than enjoying that drink she so loves - according to the words on the mug. We'll probably never know.

I think what the picture most says to me is, don't drink out of a cup that's telling the world something you can't live up to. Better to stick to a plain cup and forget all the pseud messages cups and mugs come with these days, like the one on a cup my wife bought at a fair in Queenstown, which says: Caution! next mood swing 6 mins.

Photos courtesy of Wikimedia
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