Sunday, March 23, 2014


Even though I've been involved in many theatre shows and concert performances over the years I've never actually owned a tuxedo. I'm not even sure if I've ever worn one, though it's possible I have at some time and have now forgotten. Furthermore if I've made it this far without needing a tux, it's unlikely that I'll have a need for the services of such a site as at any time in the future.

I'd like to wear one, although the figure isn't quite as outstanding as it once was. (Or perhaps that should be it's more outstanding than it once was.) It helps also to have the kind of build that a tux suits: someone who's heading for 5'9 and up is preferable. Us smaller blokes look just a teensy-bit not so hot.

So if I haven't used a tux, what have I worn? Well, for the most part I've got away with wearing a decent suit. Things have changed over the time I've been performing, and tuxes are quite so de rigueur as they once were. For the most parts my suits have been unostentatious, but I did have a light blue suit back in the seventies. I loved it, even though a friend of ours called it my 'pansy-blue' suit. He was obviously jealous.

I got married in a light purple suit, and occasionally wore this for some years after, until it decided I was too large for it. (I was a skinnymalink when I got married.) But I still have the shirt I wore on my wedding day: it's purple too, a great colour, but regrettably rather too seventies to wear any more. Such is life. And fashion.
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