Sunday, March 09, 2014

You have to wonder...

I get Google ads alongside my Gmail, something that doesn't bother me in the slightest, because most of the time I barely notice them. (I can read a newspaper and miss most of the advertising.)

But I have to wonder at the the appropriateness of the some of the ads that do turn up. Alongside a poem in an email today were the ads listed below. The poem was about seeing dance in every movement of life, and it's a nice piece by Mitch Roberson called Every Day We Are Dancers. The bit about the two men carrying a huge mirror across the road is particularly neat. 

So let's look at these ads, and see if Google has lost the plot or not in its ad placement. 

Building Report
Leak and Building Inspections. Free Treated Timber Testing Service

Okay, there's a mention of a building in the poem, so perhaps this is apt - there's another building ad further down, but nowhere is there any mention of leakage. Unless the fact that the poem starts off in a shower is the connection. 
Publish Your First Book
Get Matched With A Publishing Professional. Get Started Now!

There are two ads relating to books, but the poem doesn't have time for anything but for itself to be read. 
Bad Credit Car Loans NZ
Instant Approval - Guaranteed! Apply Online Now.

The only mention of a car is in the middle of the word, macarena.  Bit of a long shot, that one. 
Windows 7 Driver Download
Windows 7 Drivers Latest Download. Microsoft Certified. (Recommended)

No windows, drivers, or downloads in the poem. Not even someone driving down the street. 
Leaky Building/Reclad
Specialist construction services helping people with leaky buildings
"Is Your Computer Slow?"
In 2 min,Restore your Speed. Fix error messages! - [ Free Download ]

Slow computers are completely missing from Mr Roberson's poem. 
Read Free eBooks
Download From Our Free eReader & Get Six Great Classics for Free!
Manage your own cafe/bar?
Learn Cafe Admin, Barista Skills, Wine Lists, 10 Weekends

As are cares and bars. 

Hmm, it looks as if Google bummed out almost completely on this one. Maybe it's Have a random Google ad Day. 

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