Thursday, September 20, 2007

Claire Barton onwards and upwards

Great to come across a report in the Otago Daily Times, my home city’s newspaper, about Claire Barton. Claire has been winning everything in sight lately, and last weekend added the Otago Daily Times Aria Contest to her list of honours. Her prize also included the Celebration of the Century Cup - which is something I’m unfamiliar with, and which the paper doesn‘t elaborate on.
Hollie Matheson, the rewiewer, said Claire Barton’s virtuosity and theatricality ensured Rossini’s Crude sorte and Handel’s Ombra mai fu enjoyed strong deliveries, with agility and depth throughout her vocal range.
Another old friend of mine, Brent Read, was also in the contest, though he wasn’t placed among the top three. And a third Dunedinite, Fiona Henry, also appeared.
Good to see they’re all managing to carry on without me, and good to see that these people, whom I played for when they were still youngsters, are doing so well.

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