Saturday, September 01, 2007


I’ve just been talking to a man staying in the same hotel as we are. He’s from Edinburgh, and proud of it, and has eight children, the youngest only 17 weeks old. (His oldest is 23 and works with his dad.) Does having eight children make any of them less special? Certainly not in this guy’s case, as he can’t wait to get home to see his latest and to see what she’s doing.
I can remember a story told by Brennan Manning in which he hears about an old man who had a lot of children (more than eight) and who was asked which one he loved most. He began to recite the special qualities of each child, one by one, saying that was the one he loved most. But then would go onto another child and say that was the one he loved most - and so on through the lot of them. (I can’t remember which of his books it was in: either Abba’s Child, or Lion and Lamb.)
The Scottish guy’s daughter is expecting a baby before Christmas, so he’ll have a grandchild whose aunt is only a few months older. The daughter will probably be able to use some of her mother’s maternity clothes, in fact. Though she might prefer to buy her own new ones, ones like those advertised on Kiki’s maternity clothes (where, at the moment, they’re rather ironically having a Labour Day sale!) Kíki’s maternity clothes are modern, sexy (hmmm, bit late for that!) and cute. I’m quoting their advertising - but if the pictures are anything to go by, that’s what they are! Kiki's looks like one of those maternity dress stores where being pregnant is thought of as something special and beautiful. And fun! They even have a belly of the month section on their site...
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