Friday, September 28, 2007

Oh dear, O J

The things you learn. Here’s someone writing about O J Simpson, the man who seems incapable of keeping out of trouble, let alone out of the news, and when I go to the site to see if a movie’s been made out of his life – it was just an idle thought that someone might have done it – I find that O J Simpson himself has been in the movies a number of times. As an actor.

Okay, I must have missed this at some point.

But all that aside, in view of his connections to a double homicide back in 1994, it’s strange to read a list of some of the movies or tv series he’s appeared in:

Naked Gun (three of the movies)
No Place to Hide
In the Heat of the Night
Detour to Terror
A Killing Affair
Killer Force

And if that list wasn’t odd enough on its own, there are the docos he’s been involved with:

The Life and Death of Anna Nicole (his wife, for those who don’t know)
Juiced with O J Simpson
O J Simpson: If I Did It, Here’s How it Happened

Good grief.

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