Thursday, February 28, 2008


Okay, what’s all the rave?
Sorry, I mean, if you have a pre-teen daughter, what’s all the rave?
High School Musical 2.
We’d just got over the sensation of version one when version two was announced. And even while that was in the works (it came out just before we went to England last year) HSM1 was turning itself into an onstage show, an onstage ice show and who knows what else. And was doing the world tour. (We came across it in Italy, for example.)
The marketers have gone mad, of course, and everything and its brother is covered with HSM guff, from bedding to cellphones, from shoes to schoolbags, from rubbish to more rubbish. As it always goes, since Walt Disney found that he could make more money out of his Mouse out of the movies than in.
Now don’t get me wrong: I actually enjoy the two musicals. Let me qualify that. I think the songs are twee and fluffy, some of the acting isn’t above the level of the script, but the dancing is topnotch. HSM1 and 2 (and Hairspray, as I mentioned the other day) have restored dancing to the big screen. Good on them!
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