Saturday, February 09, 2008

Back to HitTail

It’s rather a while since I last checked out HitTail, and that means that there’s a swag of searches listed which have connected up to this blog in some way or other. A few of them are downright strange, for example:

Crowls Land Investment (wasn’t aware we had any land to invest)
Money order not it [sic] my name
Coffin maker carpenter twentieth century Russian Chinese
Loss of little toe evolution
Eat cheese itch on fingers (urrgh)
Slouching towards serfdom
Don’t use Triond cause it is an Israeli company (scary - who finds that a problem?)
Country line dance water man Crowl (obscure)
How the Indians use to right in leather (use to what?)
I was in an Oxycise infomercial

A number of keywords turn up in some form over and over:

Couples San Souci
Men’s engagement rings
Insects in compost
Brother of the More Famous Jack (in one instance, the Less Famous)
Distressed oatmeal
John Foulds’ World Requiem
Alfred Hitchcock
The Marriage quote from Shall We Dance
Singing in the Rain
The movie, Bandidas, (particularly the horses)

Which all rather seems to indicate that I must be writing about some things that other people find interesting!
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