Saturday, February 23, 2008

Vantage Point

There’s something really annoying about downloading a YouTube video, at least as far as doing it on my computer is concerned. The initial download stops and starts, the sound is often just behind the action, and in general you have to go off and make a cup of tea while it gets its act together.
It’s taken me three attempts to download it, and I get about half a second at a time. So I’m writing this while I’m waiting for it to finish the job. Then maybe I’ll be able to watch it as it ought to be watched. Instead of in bits.
Anyway, the trailer I’m trying to get at is for Vantage Point, a film that’s been mentioned twice today in emails that arrived in my inbox, and which is obviously one of those action-packed pieces that barely stops long enough for you to get your breath.
James Berardinelli (whom I regard, in general, as being an astute critic) said the film ‘fails the “reality test”, but maintains a certain intensity for its entire running length.” Someone else compares it to watching the tv show 24. (That’s always a bit of an endurance test, especially if you’ve missed an episode!)
Anyway, I’ve now picked up the full trailer and it goes like a bat out of hell. Dennis Quaid, an actor I like to see in movies (he always comes across with integrity) is in the lead, by the look of things, and the premise is pretty basic: eight people see eight different aspects of the assassination of the President, and the pieces have to be joined together. Looks fast and furious, with car chases, crashes and lots of explosions. Bet it’s noisy too!
Forest Whitaker is also in it, and the lead actor from that very strange series, Lost (the one in which the scriptwriters appear to be the most lost people of all). Bruce McGill, who used to be MacGyver’s occasional offsider many moons ago, turns up again in a McGill-type role (they’re thick on the ground), and William Hurt plays William Hurt with his usual elegance.
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