Monday, February 25, 2008

Homeless Family blog

Here’s the link to the blog about the ladder rack and the missing father. You may make more sense of it than I did!
I’ve just checked the last post on the blog – last as in finished. The blog was written for a certain time and is now done with. It ended in January this year.
The homeless family aspect wasn’t a joke; the blogger writes in his last post:
My name is John,
2004 homeless with family
2005 diagnosed Bipolar and began treatment, still in shelter
2006 got out of shelter
2007 continued stability. Started professional blogging. Kept advocating through some hard harassment locally by the 'Downtown Vigilante' and his 'posse'.
2008 elected to the Board of Directors of the Lead Agency in Jacksonville that spreads the money to the homeless service providers.

It goes to show you can write about anything – and it can be of value – in the great wide world of Blog. Furthermore, there are a heap more comments on this blog than I ever get on any of mine!
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