Sunday, March 02, 2008

A change of direction

I’m changing the focus of this blog.
What focus, you ask? You mean there’s been a focus?
All right, I’ll admit sometimes the focus might have been a bit obscure; that’s the nature of a blog entitled Random Notes, as you might expect. It isn’t surprising to find posts about wrinkle cream reviews and travelling in Asia and all manner of other things in a blog that’s random. However, even though a few of these random element might remain – indeed will remain – I want to do something about the music/arts/movies focus.
This has been all over the place, and there’s been nothing to distinguish the blog from thousands of others (except perhaps, its superior writing!)
From now on there’ll be an increased focus on my own creative side: the articles, reviews and even the blogs I write; the composing I do; the piano-playing I do; the music I play and the movies I watch. Sound egocentric? It isn’t intended to be.
The intention isn’t to plaster the reader with Mike Crowlishness, but to give you a genuine picture of the creative side of my life – a side that’s reasonably extensive, even though I’m by no means a full-time creative person. Like many others in blogworld, I have to work for a living.
Crowlfulness is a niche market: the other Crowls I come across on the Net aren’t focused on creative stuff – usually the Crowls I read about are into football (American version of) or other less arty affairs.
And because no one else has quite the knowledge about the Crowlicity that I do, I can claim to be more informative on this subject than anyone else.
So that’s how it’s going to be – at least until I have another brainstorm and decide to take a different tack. Here goes!
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