Friday, September 11, 2009


Just reading up on the Karisma hotels site again, where they feature, amongst other things, all inclusive vacations.

One of the 'all inclusives' I noticed was that in the bars they have 'real swings or hanging beds.' Crikey, that might be iffy! Just imagine getting out of a hanging bed when you're had a little too much to drink. But these 'inclusive' features must be part of the sleek and sensual sit-down locales and fashion-forward bars. Don't you just love the language here? A sensual sit-down (as opposed to a sensible one) conjures up all sorts of ideas, as does a fashion-forward bar. Let's not go further down that track, perhaps.

The Riviera Maya has two famous bars, Los Cotorros and Las Guacamayas; both feature real swings (as opposed to unreal ones). Apparently the adjective, cotorro, can mean any of the following: chatty, talkative, loud, noisy. The first two sound enticing; not so sure about the second two, but then, as people claim, I'm getting old. A guacamayo is a macaw, according to one site, so I guess that the colourful aspects of that bird would be incorporated here. Hopefully the accompanying noise might be left at home...

Azul Beach Hotel focuses on families. Seemingly parents are pampered not only with with adult-sized indulgences (let's not go there either) but extras like strollers, cribs, baby milk heaters, beach games, colouring books, refrigerators for milk and medicines, and kid-sized bathrobes. That lot'll bring the 'adult-sized indulgences' down to earth pretty quickly!

Regrettably the Riviera Maya (Mexico's Caribbean) is just a little too far away for our current vacation budget. If we make it to Moeraki (not Otago's Caribbean) this year we'll be doing well....!

Photo of the Macaw by Eric Heupel

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