Friday, June 04, 2010

Colm Toibin

The name, Colm Toibin, meant nothing to me until a few moments ago, when I came across a video of him answering a few questions in his own quirky way in a video interview shot at the Auckland Writers and Readers' Festival (should that be Writers' and Readers' Festival?). Of course, Colm Toibin will have never heard of me either - though perhaps with greater reason.

Anyway, here's the video - as always it may be better just to double-click and watch it properly on You Tube.

I love the way his face crinkles up; I love the way he continues to smile while commenting on his childhood - 'awful, miserable'; I love the way the way he answers the question on the things he's thinking about just now - none of which are Big and Important.


Anthony said...

"Days are useful -- rather than years."

Yes... I like that.

- Anthony

Mike Crowl said...

Makes you want to check out his books, doesn't it - if you haven't already.